Keco Cold Glue Kit with Glexo Cold Glue and 2.5 lbs. Slide Hammer (4 Tabs)

SKU: 410-6095-KIT

The Keco/Glexo Cold Glue kit is a lightweight cold glue pulling setup for techs looking to make quick pulls and move large amounts of metal fast. Included in this kit is 4 tabs, a cap for each tab size and shape, a stick of Glexo cold glue, and a 2.5lb Keco slide hammer. Each tab is made using our critically acclaimed blue material for strength and durability. Tabs mimic the size and shape of the existing Glexo metal tabs. The included stick of Glexo Cold Glue provides almost instantaneous, strong adhesion.

  • Speed - quick readiness condition, operational use
  • Economy - with proper use, the glue is durable and can be kept without special storage conditions
  • Simplicity & Safety - the glue is clean and won't harm the finish of the car
  • All In One Solution - 2.5lb slide hammer and complete tab kit included with covers for a complete turnkey cold glue pulling solution
  • Includes 40 mm and 30 mm round tabs; 75 x 30 and 75 x 15 rectangular tabs
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