Collision GPR

Repair vs. Replace - How Glue Pull Repair Enables Technicians

It’s a frequent refrain in our business: “The insurer asks that I repair the panel, but I think it needs replacement.” Now you can make repairs easier, faster, and with less body filler. No need to replace the panel. You can repair it with Keco Glue Pull Repair (GPR) products and the pull-to-paint process. These expert glue-pull repair products and educational programs from Keco are the innovative, fast, contemporary way to repair body damage, providing an easier approach than traditional repair methods such as stud welding and panel beating. And the best part: you can pump up your bottom line with just a basic knowledge of how to use them.
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The Importance Of Auto Body Repair Training

Training expands an employee’s knowledge base, it strengthens skills a person may already have, it makes employees aware of safety issues s/he may not know about. Training also increases employees’ confidence in their skills and their ability to perform a task correctly the first time, reducing the chance they may have to rely on help from their supervisors or other workers.
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Aluminum, Surface Area & Why Glue Pull Repair Works

The reason studs sometimes pull out is because they cover too little surface area on the panel. The surface area is not large enough to sustain the force of the pull. As a result, when you pull, you often rip holes in the panel as the studs pull out because there is too little strength in the metal for the pull. How, then, do you increase the surface area to pull without creating holes and welding more studs?
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The Power Of Glue Pull Repair & Surface Area

Glue tabs cover much more surface area than a stud so you have more area of the dent to pull with. This allows you to apply more pulling power without fear of additional damage to the panel in the form of holes. In addition, because you do no stud welding, you do not violate the surface of the panel.
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What Is Glue Pull Repair?

Conventional repair methods utilize studs or wiggle wire and give you something to which you attach your pull tool. Studs or wires are welded on and often pull or rip holes into aluminum, leaving additional work for technicians to clean up. This method works adequately, but GPR eliminates stud welding, so the repair is far less intrusive with less post-pull work pounding, filling, priming and painting. There’s no need to spray wax or coatings inside the panel because you didn’t burn any of the OEM material away.
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