About Us

Keco Professional Paintless Dent Repair

When only the best will do, Keco supplies the Professional PDR Technician with the performance, the innovation, the quality and the service necessary to successfully execute every Paintless Dent Repair project. Keco leverages the fifty plus years of experience in plastic to design, develop and bring to market the highest quality and most innovative tabs, tools and accessories. We pride ourselves on being an innovative, agile and service oriented manufacturer that professionals can rely on to supply products that make repair easier and faster.

Our door is always open and we are always listening to the concerns and comments of the PDR Technician. Our commitment to the industry is as true blue as our tab color!

“I like to use Keco Supertabs. They’re great for big surface areas. They take a lot of pressure off and help you start the dent very quickly breaking it down into smaller sections that are manageable”
-Myke Toledo with Dent Time (for Supertabs)
“Made in the USA works like a charm. If you’re looking for a glue puller go with Keco.”
-jmtz93 (for the Mini-Lifter Glue Tab Puller
“The small size and excellent durability are well worth the money!”
-Eric B. (for Glue Tab-5 pack-8mm)

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