Which GPR / Collision Glue is the Strongest?

All three Keco recommended PDR / GPR glues have similar strength profiles. The key differences among these glues are flexibility and setup times.

Tab Weld "Gray" Glue

The Tab Weld “Gray” glue offers the fastest setup time but has the least amount of flexibility ideal for technicians who want to work quickly with smaller tabs. We also recommend the Tab Weld “Gray” glue when ambient temperatures are in excess of 85°F or when working in direct sunlight as its chemical structure allows for proper setup and adhesion.

Camauto "Yellow" Glue

The Camauto “yellow” glue is the most flexible but has the longest setup time ideal for working on larger, complex dents. We recommend using the Camauto “yellow” glue when a longer working time is desired so you can utilize multiple actions to knockdown while pulling.

Cactus "Green" Glue

The Cactus “green” glue is a hybrid glue providing balanced setup times and moderate flexibility ideal for average dents. We recommend the Cactus “green” glue for most common dent repairs when ambient room temperatures are between 65 - 85°F.

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