Keco Cold Glue Hail Tab and Silicone Cap Set (4 Tabs)

SKU: 410-6093-KIT

The Keco Cold Glue Hail Tabs are specially engineered to work seamlessly with most popular cold glues, ideal for techs looking to move large amounts of metal quickly. Made from the legendary Keco Blue material, these tabs feature a smooth surface with moderate flexibility making them suitable for pulling a wide variety of dents.

  • Smooth Surface - Each tab features a smooth surface allowing for maximum adhesion and pull strength when used with cold glue
  • Blue Material - Keco’s signature blue material offers legendary durability with a moderate amount of flexibility making these tabs suitable for pulling a variety of dents
  • Tight Fitting Caps - Silicone caps are tailor made to fit each tab keeping your cold glue glean and debris-free
  • Universal Adapter - Quickly attach cold glue tabs to your favorite slide hammers (sold separately) with the universal adapter

Purchase includes

  • Keco 30 mm Cold Glue Tab
  • Keco 25 mm Cold Glue Tab
  • Keco 20 mm Cold Glue Tab
  • Keco 15 mm Cold Glue Tab
  • Keco Silicone Cap for 15 & 20 mm Cold Glue Tabs (2)
  • Keco Silicone Cap for 30 & 25 mm Cold Glue Tabs (2)
  • Keco Cold Glue Hail Tab Adapter
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