Robo® Power Mini Dent Lifter

SKU: 410-8330-ELECTRO

Everything you love about Keco Robo® series lifters—now electrified for faster pulls. Quickly attach the Robo® Power Mini Lifter to any standard cordless drill (sold separately) and pull dents without hand fatigue. Specially engineered threads ensure the smooth, precise pulls you expect from a Robo® lifter.

  • Quick Attachment - Attaches in seconds to any standard drill (sold separately)
  • Precise Pulling - Specially engineered threads provide a smooth pulling action reducing the chance of overpulling
  • Manual Knob - Includes manual adjustment knob for delicate finishing pulls
  • 360° Rotating Base - Positioning possibilities are endless giving allowing the Robo® to be used in difficult to reach places
  • Rubber Feet - Non-slip feet keep the Robo® securely positioned without fear of marring panel surfaces
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